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There are very few numbers of people who take logbook service seriously. On the other hand, those who do not take logbook service regularly often communicate that they have a busy schedule and financial crunch. These are significant reasons that give rise to roadside assistance services. 

Some people also think that new cars do not require any service. However, it is just a myth as your vehicle needs regular service to improve its efficiency. Thus, getting the car serviced every six months or 10,000 Km, whichever comes first, is recommended to keep the manufacturer’s warranty intact with the dealership. 

Hence, you require a logbook service according to the manufacturer’s specifications to keep your car safe. It helps increase the life span of your vehicle and improve its performance.     

Logbook service includes the following parameters:   

Logbook service covers the overall process of vehicle diagnostics, safety checks, replacement of car fluids and worn-out parts, and other general servicing to keep your car in good condition. 

Usually, your dealer gives you a schedule for the next maintenance to keep the vehicle’s warranty valid. It identifies the problem at an early stage before they turn into a big issue.  

Benefits of Logbook Service  

  1. Keep your warranty Intact  

Initially, you give extra care while driving your new car because of excessive wear and tear between engine components. Thus, our mechanics do oil and filter changes during the first few logbook servicing. Moreover, the other parts of your car get settled depending on your usage, so chances are considerably high. 

By keeping books of records, you can claim against the warranty. Otherwise, dealers will refuse to pay for car repairs and void the warranty. Hence, in the event of damage, a timely logbook helps to avoid serious and costly maintenance against warranty claims. 

  1. Improve the Life Span of the vehicle

When your car gets regular maintenance, that means mechanics will have a look at every part of the vehicle, including tyres, transmission, gearbox, brakes, suspension and many more. Thus, your logbook service saves much money and keeps your car in good condition. On the other hand, if you are skipping regular servicing, you will notice you have to visit the mechanic frequently after 2-3 years. 

  1. Increase the resale value  

With entire logbook history, your car always keeps in top condition. Therefore, you will get better resale value when you sell it because you are assured that your vehicle is well maintained by giving a complete service history record. When certified mechanics services your car, they stamp the record book to ensure it is serviced correctly. 

  1. Reliable Logbook Service History  

A logbook is an essential service for your vehicle. Looking forward to a certified mechanic to get a trusted service would be best. When you find a reliable source, you can leave the logbook service and focus on other core work. 

Thus, you don’t need to keep track of all the services, and your mechanic will let you know about the next service in advance. With the logbook service, the mechanic will find the vehicle history. It will help you save time and money to complete the job efficiently.   

Where to get logbook service in Campbellfield? 

You can visit an authorised dealer or directly contact 3D Auto Mechanic Campbellfield. Our extensive years of experience are the reason behind the success story in the auto mechanic industry. 

We are known for complete suite car inspection services, including pre-purchase car inspection, brake repair, RWC inspection, tyre replacement, fuel injection services and many more. Thus, once you visit us, there is only going back with our assistance. 

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