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Belts and Hoses are the most underrated parts of the car. They connect every aspect of the engine. Without Belts and Hoses, even moving a vehicle is not possible. Belts and Hoses have the shortest Life Span in the car, made of two thick rubber layers separated by cloth. As the hoses and belts get exposed to extreme heat and cold conditions, they often start to crack or sometimes tear, affecting the vehicle’s performance. Hoses act as a circulatory system like veins in the body. Just Imagine one of our veins damaged or cut. Our whole body gets affected the same way the entire engine gets affected.

How do you know you have a damaged belt or hose?

Battery Problems: The light may be on, but the engine doesn’t start. This is a sign that the alternator belt may be damaged.

Loose Belt: It’s time to replace the belt if you find it open or on the verge of breaking.

Leakage: Any fluid leak is a sign of a damaged hose and needs to be immediately checked by the mechanic.

Squeaking Noise: This results from a loosened belt or fluid leakage and needs to be examined.

Engine Problems: Metal particles mixed in the engine oil or rattling noise from the engine result from a loosened timing belt, and its time for service.

Overheating: If the engine is overheated or overused continuously, hose and belt damage can occur.

It is better to check the belts and hoses often, as they can get your car into serious problems. Just imagine having a vehicle with damaged or broken belts and hoses. It can make your driving miserable. A series of pulleys and belts connect the engine parts. According to reports, most of them frequently change the oil but don’t bother to check the condition of the hoses and belts.

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We at 3D Auto Mechanic provide the best oil change services to safeguard the belts, hoses, and engine. Our expert technicians take utmost care in replacing the oil and conduct a detailed process by checking each hose and belt. We ensure all of them are in perfect condition. If not, we inform you immediately to replace them. Once we get a green signal from you, we will carry out the process of restoring the problem and boosting the performance of your car.

This gives you enough details about the hoses and belts. Visit us today to get the best service from our professionals.