Purchasing a used car? Get the Vehicle Inspected Before Driving it Home

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There are multiple benefits of purchasing a used car: Lower insurance costs, wide variety within budget, and lower registration fees, to count a few. However, buying a used car can be a tricky decision. What if a vehicle with excellent exteriors has technical problems that only a trained eye can catch? Therefore, pre-purchase car inspection is essential.

Purchasing a car in a perfectly fit state is crucial because we rely upon vehicles for our daily commute. Besides, any technical glitch in the car can lead to dangerous accidents. In addition, undetected problems at the time of purchase can burn a hole in your pocket once you drive the car home.

Therefore, it is advisable to get an RWC inspection done before purchasing a car. There are two ways you can do it.

1. Check the slips
2. Get the car inspected by a genuine mechanic

Pink slip and blue slip:

In Australia, a pink or blue slip validates the vehicle is fit for use. It is issued after a thorough roadworthy inspection. Blue slips are for unregistered vehicles and highlight why the car remained unregistered for a long by the previous owners. Before giving the slip, the mechanic looks for faults, leakages, brakes, seatbelts, non-alignments, other components, and even the car’s design standards. The slip is given only after the vehicle is found safe for the road.

Similarly, a pink slip is issued for re-registration for vehicles that are older than five years. In pink slip RWC inspection, tyres, seat belts, engine, brakes, headlights and other car parts are thoroughly checked.


So, if you purchase a used car, simply ask the owner to produce the pink or blue slips. The slips validate that the vehicle is in good condition. Also, check the date when the slip was issued. Preferably, it should have been issued in the recent past.

Car inspection:

If you do not want to take any chance, and if you want weightier proof of the car’s good condition, it is best to get it inspected at the car repair near me. The team of certified and experienced mechanics will examine the vehicle for all the wear and tear. Then, they will thoroughly check to ensure that the car is in the best condition to meet the safety standards defined by the government. In addition, if there is any fault in the vehicle, the mechanics will also provide you with a detailed report stating all the issues that require your urgent attention.


The biggest advantage of getting the pre-purchase car inspection is that it gives you the power to negotiate. For example, if the vehicle is damaged, you can demand the owner to lower its price and later get it fixed at the nearest car repair. Similarly, if the vehicle is in good condition, you can be assured that the used car is as good as the brand-new one and will not ask for repairs in the near future.

Final thoughts:

An automobile is a depreciable asset. Therefore, purchasing a used car is a prudent decision. However, you must get the pre-purchase car inspection done to ensure the vehicle does not become an aching liability and guzzle huge repair costs once bought.