Avoid Penalties: Get Your Roadworthy Certificate from a Genuine Mechanic 

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Have you bought a used car? Do you want to sell your vehicle or transfer its ownership to someone else? Then you must acquire a roadworthy certificate from a trustworthy mechanic. You might face hefty penalties if you drive your car in NSW (New South Wales) without the vehicle roadworthy certificate. This is not how you want to remember the experience of driving a new car, right?

Why is a Vehicle Roadworthy certificate necessary?

A Roadworthy certificate declares a car fit and suitable for the road. Therefore, it is perceived that cars not having this certificate are unsafe to drive. Driving such vehicles can put many lives at risk. When you apply for road worthy certificates, vehicles are thoroughly checked to ensure they comply with the necessary regulations. The RWC check is carried out by experienced mechanics, and they provide detailed reports of issues that must be addressed urgently. 

Blue Slip or Pink Slip- Which one do you need?

If you wish to get roadworthy inspection done, you must know the blue and pink slips.

Blue slips:

Blue slips are for new unregistered vehicles. It will also apply to the vehicle that has remained unregistered for long. You should ask for the blue slip if you wish to find out possible reasons why the vehicle was not registered by its previous owners.

Blue slip inspection is more detailed and thorough than pink slip inspection. The mechanic will inspect the

  • Car’s design standards
  • Faults
  • Leakages
  • Non-alignments
  • Brakes
  • Seatbelts
  • Suspension
  • Tyres
  • Lights

After finding everything working well, he will declare the car safe for the road. During the inspection, if any incongruity is observed, he will mention it in the detailed report. So, it is wise to hit the road only after fixing the issues.

Pink slips:

One major difference between pink and blue slips is that blue slips are for non-registered vehicles, while pink slips are for vehicles requiring re-registration.

If the vehicle is older than five years, the owner must get it re-inspected and acquire the pink slip. It suggests the vehicle is still fit for the road after all the wear and tear. The pink-slip inspection includes checking of tyres, seat belts, engine, brakes, headlights and other such parts of the car.

What to do after getting the slips?

It is not enough to get your slips. Once you obtain your pink or blue slips, you need to register your vehicle within the stipulated timeline. For example, you must register the vehicle within six months after getting the pink slip. If you fail to do so, you will need to get the pink slip again.

Similarly, the blue slip is valid for 42 days only. So, you better hurry up to get your vehicle registered. For the blue slip, the mechanic sends the report to the RMS electronically. The mechanic will prepare the Repairs Needed report if your car has issues. The owner will get the blue slip only after the repairs are made.

Are the slips necessary for selling the car?

It is not mandatory, but it significantly increases the chances of selling the car faster. In New South Wales, you can sell your car with documents like an original copy of the registration certificate, warranty document, manuals and receipts. But acquiring a pink slip after car roadworthy test validates that your vehicle is in good condition, and therefore it can fetch you a good price.