4 Signs of A Failing Fuel Pump And What You Should Immediately Do

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The fuel injection system is the heart of a vehicle. Just like the heart pumps the blood in our body to keep vital organs running, the fuel injectors fetch the fuel from the tank and push it to the fuel injection system to start the engine. Without a properly operating fuel injection system, the engine’s efficiency and the vehicle’s performance will deteriorate. What is more, the car will emit more pollutants in the atmosphere.

These are some of the main reasons to get fuel injection services. As they work constantly, various fuel injection system parts might demand attention after many years of use. If you ignore it, the fuel pump will slowly start showing signs of wear and tear, and ultimately you may find your vehicle coming to a sudden halt in the middle of the road, even with a fuel-loaded tank.

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Four signs that you must not avoid:

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of the fuel injection system. However, they do not know when the intervention of a trained mechanic is required. Here are four signs that you should always pay attention to.

Engine’s reduced efficiency:

Those who regularly drive their vehicles notice even the slightest changes in their functioning. The first sign of a compromised fuel injection system is the ‘choking’ of the engine. It means that your machine is unable to maintain its speed. It can be seen as hard starting and hesitancy or stumbling when accelerating. It is because the engine cannot get sufficient fuel to carry out your command. The mechanic may also recommend to replace starter motor.

Overheated engine:

If your engine frequently gets overheated, you must replace the car fuel pump. A vehicle’s engine can overheat due to a faulty fuel pump. This problem means that you require your car to stop at a short distance now and then and restart it only when the engine cools down. Ignoring this problem can turn out to be a grave mistake.

Noisy engine, sputtering and backfiring:

If you observe any unusual noise in the engine or encounter backfiring or sputtering, you must get a fuel pump replacement done. Fuel pumps tend to keep silent until they are on the verge of failing. The fuel pump’s inability to provide sufficient fuel to the engine further results in combustion and problems in acceleration.

Warning sign on the speedometer:

Most modern cars have the feature of displaying warning signs on the car’s speedometer. One of these lights also suggests that you must check your engine urgently. So, rather than putting your life at risk, you should immediately drive to the nearby fuel pump replacement centre.

How much will be the fuel pump replacement cost?

Firstly, nothing is more precious than your life. Ignoring problems in the fuel injection system can lead to accidents, putting your and the other commuters’ lives at risk.

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The repair or replacement cost of the fuel pump depends on the car’s brand, type of pump and labour charges.

Vehicle’s make and model:

Various original equipment manufacturers have made it possible to replace broken spare parts with the original ones. You can approach an authorised dealer and replace the broken pump with the brand-new one. Its cost will depend on your car’s brand. Mid-range car pumps would cost lesser than high-end car pumps.

Type of fuel pump:

Every car’s engine has bare minimum standards that a fuel pump must match. If you ride a vehicle with a modified engine or a high-performance car, you might need to shell out more for the fuel pump replacement. Ask your mechanic what would be the most suitable option for your vehicle.

Labour cost:

There are no standard rates when it comes to labour. Instead, it is charged per the location, mechanic’s experience and complexity of the work. After all, replacing the fuel pump- the heart of the vehicle- is not easy. So, before booking your fuel pump repair service, clarify with your mechanic regarding the charges.

Do follow the vehicle’s maintenance regime and discuss with your mechanic if you observe any of the changes mentioned above. It is rightly said that- A stitch in time saves nine. Getting the fuel pump replaced is less expensive than the broken down engine.